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Hello! I am Burgh; gym-leader of Castelia city. But you already knew that!

Oh! Are you here to challenge me? Aah, great! Now see, the duel combination of my bug-type Pokemon and I!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[affiliated with pal-park; an open group.]

Use Bug-Type Pokemon!

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The young woman was flushed as she felt the young man head laid on top of hers, honestly if she wasn’t so tired she might have resisted a bit more. But with a slight buzz from the alcohol and the fact it like past midnight she wasn’t putting up a fuss. Though it might also help that she finds the other pretty cute.


She squeaks a bit when he exclaimed how comfy she was, cuddling her even more then he was before. A small gasp of surprised came from her as he shift to roll on top of her and nuzzle the crook of her neck. Dear lord if it wasn’t only the two of them and pokemon someone would likely think they were going to do something. Doesn’t help that he was now resting his head on her bosom. “That’s really cute, we should try to go to sleep though.” Dear lord she hopes he doesn’t sleep on top of her cause when he wakes up he going to think the worst likely.

Wow she’s blushing so much at this point.

"Isn’t it?" Burgh giggled lightly, not bothering to move even though the woman was shifting uncomfortably underneath him. He took no notice to Leaf’s flustered expression either— whether he was simply unfazed by it or simply didn’t care was questionable. He wouldn’t move either way. She was just too cuddly and warm to let go of, anyway. 

As he shifted his weight so he wasn’t simply plopped on top of her, Burgh’s drunken gaze caught glimpse of Leaf’s embarrassed demeanor— causing his brows to furrow in a playful curiosity. Burgh moved back on top of her, allowing his head to hover over her’s as he stared her down. “Aah? What’s with that face? Ne, do I smell bad?” He asked dumbly, lifting his hand to brush the tips of his fingers delicately over Leaf’s cheekbone. “Your face is burning!” Burgh frowned; a look of concern etching over his features. He trailed his hand down the side of her face in worry— was she on fire? (the things people could think when they were drunk!) Did she have a fever? His fingers traced up the side of her jaw and drew across her lips, which were shut tight. The artist’s frown deepened further, his thumb pulling gently at her bottom lip. “You shouldn’t shut your lips so tight! What if they stick together?”

Of course, Burgh didn’t realize that he wasn’t making any sense. His emerald eyes were cloudy with intoxication and his expression was weak— showing that his mind was elsewhere. He leaned in further, vodka-tinged breath hot against the woman’s face. “They’re cold…” Burgh commented softly as he allowed his hand to retreat. He held himself up over top of her with his hands pressed into the mattress on either side of Leaf’s head. “Is that why you close them so tight—? If you’re cold, I can warm you up! It’s the least I can do for you puttin’ up with me all night. ♥” He cooed.

Without allowing Leaf to respond, he leaned down to press his lips firmly against hers. His entire weight eased down on her as he closed contact between them. Seemingly bewildered that Leaf’s lips were so cold in contrast to the rest of her face— that was all he had on his mind. A hum-like noise past his lips as he held the contact for several seconds before pulling away. He smiled ear-to-ear, clasping his hands to her cheeks. He pecked her nose playfully, letting out a chuckle of satisfaction. It was like adding the cherry to the cake. “Muah ~ 
♥ There! Is that better?" He beamed, obviously unaware of how intimate the contact had been.

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Leaf would have pointed out that he was far more drunk then she was and would in fact need to be in a comfortable bed. As likely tomorrow he’s going to be having a major hang over.However her eyes widened as the older male suddenly reached out and grabbed her, yanking her into the bed. A small squeak came from her as he held her close, a small blush clear on her face as she looks down embarrassed. They had just met and yet he was being so intimate and such, but then she remembered he was drunk out of his mind.

She tried to move out but only succeed in turning toward him, which put her face to the taller male chest. Her face flushed a bit at the action as she looks down a bit with a sheepish smile. Before she lets out a sigh to tired to put up a real fight deciding that it shouldn’t be to much of an issue. It wasn’t like the other was going anything to her and it was only for one night. “Guess this is better…” She mumbles not used to sleeping with another man unless something else was to happen.

But he didn’t seem like he was interested in such a thing, which she was actually pretty grateful for. She chuckles a bit when he stated how it was weird seeing as he was used to bugs, deciding to joke a bit with the gym leader, “Well I like to think I’m pretty cuddly thank you very much. So hope it not too weird.”

Burgh paid no mind as Leaf squirmed around in his arms before finally settling down.  His chin laid on the top of her head, which he nestled gently and sighed in bliss. The warmth of another was something Burgh hadn’t felt for a very long time— and it was certainly a rather pleasant thing to experience once again. 

"Oh, you are! ♥” He exclaimed happily, tightening his embrace around her petite frame for emphasis. “Yer’ so comfy, Leaf! I could just cuddle you foreeeeever!" He lifted his head and then nuzzled into the crook of her neck; rolling on top of her as he beamed cheekily. "You’re like a Sewaddle but not as easy— *hiccup* to squish! Sewaddles love cuddling, did you know?” Burgh lifted his head, resting his face on her chest as he looked up at her expectantly. “They curl into little balls when they sleep! Isn’t that the cutest?” He smiled brightly— “Although I’m sure you don’t do that! Ha ha!” 

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Anonymous: I-I posted the confession.. I was too shy to confess not anon -hides-

oh gosh! there’s no need to be shy, kind anon! I really appreciate comments like that! Whoever you are; you’re absolutely lovely and I love you for your kind words. Thank-you very very much! I’m honored!   

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I think insect-artist is a great roleplayer! The mun is super nice and she keeps all the characters she plays in character very well, and she makes nice replies with a lot of detail! I haven’t been able to roleplay with her much, but from what I have done with her, it’s always fun to reply to her.


I think insect-artist is a great roleplayer! The mun is super nice and she keeps all the characters she plays in character very well, and she makes nice replies with a lot of detail! I haven’t been able to roleplay with her much, but from what I have done with her, it’s always fun to reply to her.



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The young woman stayed close to the man side making sure he didn’t fall over on himself, not at all minding the slight mess. Her eyes widened a bit when they got to Burgh room, it was actually pretty nice if a bit lonely looking. Though she quickly shook it off as she helped Burgh to his bed, about ready to pass out herself. She was pretty good at acting like she was fine and dandy but as soon as he settled in bed she was going to find a place to pass out in this house. When he offered to take the couch she waved it off, “It’s fine you’re already in the bed, so I can take the couch. You can repay me back tomorrow.” She states as she yawns loudly.

Man she was exhausted, while on the outside she was patient inside she was annoyed and grumpy. But seeing as she had a few drinks she was able to subdue her usual anger and annoyance that came from this kind of thing. Also it seemed Burgh finally settled down and wasn’t as silly as he was earlier. Leaf pulls the blanket a bit so that she can put it over Burgh, “Just go to sleep I’ll be alright. I think you’re the one that might get a bad hangover.”

This was never something she planned, she had thought they were just going to enjoy some drinks chat for a bit then go their separate ways. Yet here she was having to drag him back home but at least she didn’t have to stay at the pokemon Center. Even if it only cost having to carry home a drunkard, and be humiliated a bit infront of the bartender. Well that was pretty bad…

Nearly the second he had laid down— Joltik, Sewaddle and Venipede all came scurrying into the room. The crawled up the side of the bed and got comfortable on the foot of the mattress. Burgh couldn’t help but chuckle; and was secretly thankful that it was only the little ones that liked sleeping in bed with him. Of course problems occured when Scoliepede tried to join. Burgh being the individual that he is— would usually end up sleeping on the couch if such an event occurred  leaving his Pokemon to have the entire bed.

As she protested; Burgh pouted. “The couch is no place to be for someone who was drinking!” He stated in an 'as-a-matter-of-fact' tone, despite that he— who had been drinking far more than Leaf; offered to take the couch instead. “I could never live down the guilt of making a guest sleep there. And I’d never gotten around to makin’ a guest room; considerin’ no one ever stays over.” Which was true. There was a room designed to be another bedroom, but Burgh had turned it into his studio instead. He sat up and reached his arms out; snaking them around Leaf and hauling her onto the bed beside him. Venipede stood up at the disturbance, but quickly settled back down. 

"Then we can both sleep here," Burgh beamed— as if the idea was the most brilliant thing in the world. In his intoxicated state; he saw no problem with it. "Gosh— it’s so weird having another person here. I’m used to bugs." He chuckled lightly, keeping his arms around her and pulling her frame tight against his own.  

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champion-white-deactivated20140: "I've been okay, Burgh... You?" She small smile formed on her face.

"That’s good to hear!" He beamed. It certainly had been quite some time since their last meeting. How long had it been? A few months? Maybe even closer to a year— Regardless, he shrugged the thought off and flashed her a bright smile. "I’m sure you’ve—" He lifted his hand to tap her nose with the tip of his index finger for emphasis "—grown tons stronger since our last battle! You should stop by my gym for a rematch sometime. I’ve renovated it, you know! 

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“I’m not going to bother questioning what you’re up to, but those better not end up coming to bed with you.”


wow im tired and this turned out really stupid and boring. i want a shirt full of cute baby pokemon to snuggle with gosh

Send me a ♥ and I’ll kiss you.

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Garbage :: Burgh/Grimsley


A thick mass of copper colored curls, a lean build, inquisitive eyes. Ah just Grimsley’s type. Making no attempt to hide his action of nearly caressing the object of his affection with his eyes, he seemed completely enthralled in the work of art that stood before him. –

-          “Aah. Is that so…?”

The raven haired teen snapped out of his trance by the quivering voice of non-other than the young man he had insulted only moments before.  Powder blue eyes flickered from the woman to Burgh a haughty sigh escapes his lips as he examines Burgh languidly, his eyes stopped at the platter of delicacies the male carried with him. “Ah, finally the help has arrived.” His voice is deliberately virulent, judging from the man’s reaction he was most likely the artist just as Grimsley originally had thought. Gracefully he closes the space between the two. For a brief moment his perfumed scent drifts up to Burgh’s nostrils, it fits the man’s demeanor perfectly, a thick musky scent used sparingly as to not be overpowering. He plucks one of the remaining Lemon tarts off of the dish. His lips curl into a devilish smirk as if undaunted by the apparent fragility of the artist. “These have always been my favorite.” Without even addressing his discourteous actions he seems to relish the pain he is putting the artist through.

He takes a step back, and as he does it is as if a presence was lifted off of Burgh’s shoulders. With his infamously cruel smirk in place he turned with ease on his heel, waltzing over to the woman who had caught his interest before. Just as soon as it had begun it was over.

Slanderous articles on the front of newspapers lined the vendor’s district of Castelia. One couldn’t possibly avoid the stories. The Kristoff legacy had crumbled in the past few months and now with the recent death of the family patriarch the story was being rehashed all over again. On this particularly cold fall night Grimsley had found himself in one of the bars he would normally ignore like the plague. He couldn’t frequent any of his ‘usual’ haunts, the upper classes had nearly shut him out.. all of his ‘friends’ were too embarrassed to be seen in public with him and furthermore he had finally been cut off from his dwindling supply of his mother’s fortune.


With a heavy sigh his eyes flickered around the room, it was a decent size and on the busy side, in fact for any ‘normal’ person this would have been a perfectly acceptable place, the only upside for Grimsley? He had managed to flirt his way into free drinks from the bartender.  As his second glass of the night was placed in front of him Grimsley smiled at the barista. His usual poised look seemed slightly disheveled, his usually piercing eyes were clouded under the effects of the liquor.  He leaned over whispering into the woman’s ear, undoubtedly a promise that would never be made true. Nonetheless it caused the woman to giggle her hand carefully sliding towards Grimsley’s noticing this he jerked away playing it off with a laugh. It was clear from their body language that the interest was only one sided.

As she walked away to tend to another patron Grimsley leaned back into the chair, closing his eyes as he took a sip up his drink. His nose crinkled in displeasure, he was used to fine wines not tap beer. With a sigh he looked at the amber colored fluid. “Glorified piss.” He huffed berating even the beer in his pessimistic state.

Three beers, Four beers, Five. Nearly an hour and a half later his demeanor has changed, he had moved from his secluded place at the end of the bar to the middle of a group of people around his age, as he ingested alcohol his inebriated state smashed all of his usually sardonic mannerisms. At one point someone had produced a deck of cards and Grimsley had spent his time playing petty pub card games with people he wouldn’t normally dream of associating with. As the hours toiled away his new found friends left the bar to go out dancing on the main floor.  The lean male stayed firmly in his spot, humming lightly along with the music, bemusedly looking out at the dancing forms. In his hands he held a glass, was it the seventh? Maybe the eighth beer of the night.. it took him longer to get intoxicated on draft beer as he was used to the pungent highly proofed wines and vodkas that living in opulence could provide however drunk was drunk no matter how you got there.

Though his eyes were on the dancing people his thoughts were clearly elsewhere, a wistful look encroaching on his defined features.

It was funny how something as simple as a single phrase could impact someone so greatly. All through his youth and onward— Burgh had been showered with compliments. But with every critique, every snooty comment and every down-put, Burgh’s high held head lowered. All the compliments in the world felt as if they meant nothing. It was the criticism that ate away at him. It bothered him constantly; words that he never let go. ‘Pursue your passion' he was told. But that wasn't fair! Compared to a hobby like fishing or rock climbing; you could do such things for years and still be on the same level— right? You climb a mountain and get applauded, rather than get examined for the skills in which were used to climb. But wasn't it different for art? You could paint and draw to your hearts content; but if you don't excel differently each time at an impressive level— it's meaningless. Isn't it?

Was this really what he was cut out to do?

Of course it was! He wouldn’t have it any other way! At the end of the auction on that fated day; his piece had sold for a solid four hundred dollars. But even with that, the words of the young man from earlier refused to leave his head. 

Nearly two years had passed since then— and Burgh was more successful than ever. 

Appointed to the position of the city’s Gym-leader, Burgh was in the spotlight. Rather than having his artwork being viewed at as the work of a mere greenhorn; he was taken seriously. And that had certainly taken some getting used to. Not to mention that he hardly even had the time to paint anymore! While battling alongside his beloved Bug-type Pokemon was something he enjoyed more than anything, a break would certainly be nice.

Burgh pushed the door to the local bar open, sighing to himself as he wiped his shoes on the entrance mat. He certainly hoped that everyone here was far too drunk to notice him. He was very well known in Castelia and seemed to be in a constant spot-light where ever he went— whether it be greenhorn trainers seeking advice or even just someone asking for an autograph. And while Burgh was not one to drink heavily; he needed to unwind. He walked silently to the front counter, sitting down on the stool at the very end— which ironically was the furthest away from anyone else. It even took the bar tender a few moments to notice him. 

"Well, if it isn’t Burgh!" The woman smiled politely, cleaning a glass with a rag before filling it to the brim under one of the taps. "Welcome. Let me know if you need anything else." She added nonchalantly before turning to tend another patron. Burgh simply nodded his thanks and pulled the glass that was placed in front of him closer. He looked down at the fizzing contents; sticking his nose up at the strong odor. He already felt regret for coming here, but nothing could be done about it now. Suddenly standing up and leaving would seem rude. He would have to ignore the typical bar shenanigans of loud music and stumbling drunks and just enjoy the fact that he could finally take some time to himself. His first beer of the night was gone within the span of ten minutes spent watching people stumble around awkwardly on the dance floor without a care in the world. It was amusing, really. He placed his glass down on the counter and stood up to make his way over to a seat closer to the front. For perhaps after drinking enough; he would lighten up enough to talk to someone. He sat down again, earning another sweet smile from the bartender followed by a new glass of the amber coloured alcohol. He nodded his thanks before lifting the cup and bringing it to his lips with a soft sigh. He halted— however, as an all too familiar face caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. Burgh placed the cup back down and turned to look at the man who sat beside him. His gut wrenched and his expression tightened; oh, he recognized that face immediately. He didn’t even have to do a double-take to confirm that it was him. Instantly, Burgh felt the desire to simply stand up and leave. He didn’t want to associate with a man like him again— but there was something different, more compelling, about him this time around. His face had matured somewhat, sharpening his facial features and his eyes were wistful. His pompous demeanor seemed to have toned down. At least that was notable. 

At this point, Burgh was staring intently at him; frozen in mid-motion of taking a drink of his beverage. He coughed awkwardly and tore his gaze away with a frown. “Fancy seeing you here, huh?” Burgh nearly scoffed. He hadn’t intended for such a sour tone but his bitter emotions from their previous encounter still dwindled. Hell, the man probably didn’t even remember him. Compared to then Burgh was now free of his glasses and braces; not to mention his hair had grown significantly. But even then, he was just another face to the snooty individual. And perhaps things were better that way. Burgh sighed heavily and finally took a drink from his glass. What an unfortunate encounter. 

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